Take Control of Your Life and Relationships!

Comprehensive therapy services for couples, families, and individuals.

Individual Therapy: A Path for Healing and Growth

Our therapy services can assist you in your personal growth and in healing from life’s challenges.  Through working with one of our skilled therapists, you can explore the roots of your current struggles, learn practical ways to change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings, as well as gain practical techniques to make positive change in your daily life. 

Family Therapy: Raising Kids Isn’t Easy!

Whether your child or family is struggling with behavioral issues, challenges due to divorce and step-coupling, life stage transitions, anxiety, or depression, we can guide and support your family through trying times.

Couple’s Therapy: The Journey Back to Each Other

Let our trained Couple’s Therapists guide you and your partner in healing and finding each other again.  Many therapists advertise that they see couples in their practices, but few have extensively trained in Couples Therapy models.  At Urbana Marriage and Family Therapy, we have therapists that have the training to help in healing your relationship. Whether you are dealing with high conflict, disconnection, or even infidelity, our couple’s therapists have the skill sets to meet your needs.

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