We believe the hard work of therapy will result in the reward of growth and clarity.

Life throws challenges at us that we never expected or asked for. Relationships take work. Marriage is not easy. Families will run into hurdles. You are not weak for seeking help and, in fact, it takes great strength to realize that and take the first step.

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About Me | Kara Smith, LCMFT

My Philosophy

Since 2002, I have been working with families and couples to help them strengthen bonds, heal, and grow. I am passionate about helping clients thrive and assisting them during difficult times. The family is a core component of our society and the unity of the couple guiding that family is integral to the family’s health and to the well being of its members.

You might think it is a stretch to say that our work in the therapy office makes the world a better place, but I have seen how anger, hurt, and resentments, can tear a couple or family apart. And I have seen how torn apart families struggle financially, emotionally, and even physically.  All of this impacts those around them and consequentially, affects the world we live in.

My Passion

As a couple’s therapist, I have worked with couples whose goals range from getting a relationship “check up” to deciding whether or not to end their marriage. I support couples in all stages of relationships:  dating, premarital, just married, married for years.  We all want the same thing from our relationships no matter where you are in your life.  In addition, I see same-sex couples and strive for clients of all sexual orientations and gender identifications to feel accepted and safe in my office. 

I challenge couples to look closely at their communication style, their patterns, and their expectations, and work hard to step out of their comfort zone in order to help their relationship thrive. I feel it is very important that I connect with both members of the couple – I want every party involved to feel heard, understood, and not blamed. Additionally, I specialize in guiding couples through the discovery, coping, and, ultimately, the healing from an infidelity, whether the couple decides to stay together or not.

As a family therapist, I am comfortable guiding my clients through some of the most serious crises a family can face such as drug addiction, self-injury, school refusal, and separation/divorce.  At times, when working with children or adolescents, I must do so without their parents present. However, I believe parental involvement and insight is of utmost importance for change to occur, so they will always be supported, involved, and kept informed about concerns and the progress we are making.

I also have significant experience working with individuals who are struggling with relationships, depression, and difficult life transitions. Training as a couples and family therapist fully prepares clinicians to provide excellent individual therapy.

My Style

I consider myself an easy-going, light-hearted therapist who offers a welcoming and safe space for clients to explore their concerns. At the same time, I do not mince words about how challenging the therapeutic process can be for a client – but I will support you through the hard work because with effort comes the reward of growth and clarity.

I was born and raised in Maryland and consider myself a local in this ever-changing area. I love the waterways, the mountains, and the calm that these open spaces provide us. I consider the therapy room a space that brings calm – the therapeutic process is a time to slow down and re-evaluate ourselves, our family, and our relationships in a safe, warm environment.

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About Me | Kimberly DiGiorgio, PhD

My Philosophy

I believe that exploring individual and relational processes is the key to finding balance
and happiness in life. Whether one desires to grow and change, or has difficulty
managing psychological, social, and/or chronic health issues, it is often beneficial to
seek psychotherapy. Psychological insight often bolsters one’s functional coping skills,
communication skills, and overall mind-body connectedness. As a licensed clinical
psychologist, I have worked with individuals who have struggled to identify how past
experiences could impact current behaviors and overall psychological well-being.
Psychological health and mind-body wellness are very much intertwined and provide
the foundation for individuals to engage in healthy self-exploration and meaningful
relationships with others.

My Passion

I want to continue to help others learn how to be mindful in their self-exploration and
relationships with others. Some individuals desire to grow but have no idea where and
how to start. Others may know what they want to change but feel as if they do not have
the support they need to do so. As a therapist, I will help individuals gain both insight
and direction when beginning or continuing on their journal of psychological health and
mind-body connectedness and exploration.

I will help guide individuals as they allow themselves to better understand their past
experiences and how these may contribute to some of the negative thinking, emotion
dysregulation, and possible disconnect between their mind and body. At times, it may
be helpful to have significant others and/or family members join in the session,
depending on the psychological needs of the individual. I believe that individuals can
achieve psychological growth if they learn how to listen to their wise-mind,
understanding the delicate balance between their thoughts and emotions.

My Style

I consider my psychological approach to be integrative in nature. I strongly believe that
therapy components from various theoretical orientations can be adapted and
implemented based on the specific needs of an individual. I am a gentle and
supportive therapist, who will act as a guide and source of support during the journey of
psychological growth. I will firmly challenge dysfunctional and maladaptive thoughts
and/or dysregulated emotions with the goal of teaching adaptive thinking and coping
strategies to be used across many situations. My goal is to empower each individual
along their journey and to help them ultimately attain a healthy mind-body connection
that continues to grow and thrive.



About Me | Deidre Pilcher, Intern

I am a firm believer that relationships are so often the key to how we experience life. These relationships create the backdrop and much of the plot for how we craft the story of our lives, through both success and struggle. In relationship to others, we’re able to see ourselves and discover our truths. From this framework, I enjoy accompanying individuals, intimate partners, and families on their journey to leading rich and fulfilling lives as their most authentic selves. I am dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people of all sexual orientations, genders, races, spiritual and religious experiences, ethnicities, and relational styles to feel at home and understood. I value authenticity, growth, presence, and the diverse life experiences that bring us together. Through formal education, ongoing training opportunities, and lived experience, I have a firm understanding of a truly diverse range of clients’ lives and experiences, including life transitions, parenting, entrepreneurship, religious transitions, sexuality, and LGBTQ and consensually non-monogamous relationships. 

I believe in doing my own work. I invest in myself and my relationships in many of the same ways I work with my clients. I am a partner, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a loyal friend. I grew up in Maine but have spent much of my adult life living all over the country, from the South to the West coast, and even Hawaii. I settled in Maryland over 6 years ago and now consider it home. I love music and concerts and play some guitar. I also enjoy sports, particularly football. I value nature and mindfulness and a good dose of casual humor. 

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