Couples Therapy

I can help: relationship, marriage, infidelity

Family & Child Therapy

For families, children, adolescents

Individual Therapy

When you need to help yourself first!

Infidelity Recovery

A specialized approach to healing

Fees & Insurance

Costs are based on length of session.  Typically sessions are 50-minutes in length. However, initial couple’s sessions are 90-minutes.  Other sessions can be scheduled for 90-minutes if deemed necessary or beneficial.

  • 50-minute session:  $140
  • 90-minute session:  $210

Urbana Marriage and Family Therapy Center does not accept any insurance plans at this time. We can provide the forms necessary for Out-of-Network reimbursement if your insurance plan has this benefit.  Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about this process.

Why don’t we take insurance?

The answer to this is multi-faceted and also reflects my dedication to you, your privacy, and the work that we will do together.

  • Insurance companies require a diagnosis: When working with couples and families, a diagnosis is not always applicable and tends to “blame” a member of the family. With relationship issues, problems generally arise from the dynamics between people and not due to a mental health diagnosis.
  • Privacy: When you bill an insurance company they ask for a lot of personal information about you! I value your privacy and believe this is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship.
  • Value of services: People outside of the healthcare industry do not always realize that insurance companies decide how much the provider is paid and the amount we are paid varies widely from insurance company to insurance company! In order to provide each client with the attention needed, I keep my caseload reasonable and, with that, it means I can not afford to take accept many insurance plans.

It’s All About Relationships!

Whether we’re talking romantic or familial, I have seen how anger, hurt, resentment, or specific personal issues can tear a couple or family apart. Meet with me in my Urbana, Maryland office as a family, couple or on your own. We will explore personal and relational issues preventing you from leading a more fulfilling life. My office is conveniently located to serve clients from Frederick, Carroll, Howard, and Montgomery counties.

Are you ready to begin?